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Short-Term Loans: To Take or Not To Take?


Whenever you need urgent cash, do you take out a short term loan? Well some of us can get money out of our savings while others get money from friends and family members in case of an emergency. However, what can do you do if you don't have any source? Well, for those who don't have the source, the best way to go is a short term loan. This is the best way that you can get money that you need urgently and without having to pay higher interests back. With regards here are some of the reasons why one should opt for the short term loan and some factors to consider when applying for one.

The benefits of short term loan:

1. Low-interest rates
a short term loan is far better than long term loan when it comes to interest rates. The more you drag out any loan, the more money you will have to pay on it. Even if the rates are higher on a short term loan, you are still not going to pay as much as you would on long-term loans. That is because you get the short ones paid off quicker, and that is what really matters. No one wants to pay higher interest rates, and an ideal way to stay free from doing that is by opting for a short term loan. Keep in mind that some things have to be completed with a long-term loan, but if you can avoid it, you ought to avoid it at all effort. It will save you a lot of money.

2. Instant decision / Quick cash
another reason why you should go for a short term loan is that it gets you the money somehow faster. This is on the account that you are not going to be using the money for long. More often people opt for short term loan to cater for the financial crisis. For such reasons, you have to use the short term loans, because the long term ones take a lot of time to process. Really, a short term loan is the best way to go if you need cash urgently. They can source you the money that you need, and make them move with your life again. There is no compelling reason to spend more money than you have to, and that is the reason why people ought to use a short term loan.

3. No need for good credit score
the good thing, that you may want to note, is the fact that you don't need to have a good credit score when it comes to a Short term loan. With a long haul loan you have to have credit, and this can make it hard to get the cash you need. A short term loan can get you the cash you need quickly, and you won't have to stress over your credit is bad. Today some people use short-term loans to boost their credit score. However, that can be a costly way to build up a good credit score.

Factors to consider when looking for short term loan.

Though short term loans are cheaper when it comes to interest rates, it is still a challenge to get one that will address your issue at minimal cost. To find a perfect one there some things that you have to consider. Below are some of them.

Collateral Considerations

As short term loans are usually for a smaller amount than that of long-term ones, having high-value collateral isn't as important as it is for other loans. A larger percentage of loans with short repayment terms are unsecured, or if they do require collateral then the collateral can be lower in value. But still, some people use vehicles as a form of collateral to secure this sort of loans.

Interest Rates

the interest rate that you'll pay on short term loans can depend greatly on the amount you need, to what extent the loan is for, and whether or not collateral was used to guarantee the repayment of the loan.

It's important to remember, that the interest that you pay on a loan that will last for six months won't cost you nearly as much as what you would pay on a five year or ten-year loan. In spite of the fact that it will be good to get a low-interest rate, having a higher interest rate and a shorter term can be superbly acceptable.


when looking for short term loans, you ought to consider many of the same lenders that you would use for longer loans namely banks, finance companies, and even online lenders. Many of these lenders offer a variety of loans, and you'll see that a portion of the loans offered is planned in view of the short-term borrower.

Take some time to search around for different lenders and see what kind of offers you can get for your loan, but remember that if you find higher interest rate than you expected just go for it as it won't make a large difference because you'll be making just a couple loan payments before the total amount has been paid in full.

Repaying the Loan

the time expected to pay back your loan is also something that you have to consider.

Even though you have limited options of payments when it comes to short-term loans, it's important that you make them in full and on time. Missing on short term loan payments can have the negative impact on your credit score. Avoid potential issues by repaying the loan as on time as you can

Final note

The next time you need money urgently, or just suspect that something bad is about to happen that will need cash which you will not be having at that time, the best thing to do is get a short term loan near you (up to $1000). This can get money in your pocket the same day you need it. In the worst case, you should wait one day to get it. However, that is still a lot superior to long term loans. A short term loan can save you if you have the financial crisis.

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